Do Good to Do Good

One central element, if not THE element, of Sisu Africa is ‘cœur’, meaning ‘heart’ in French. Sisu Africa proclaims that stakeholders will be selected, choosen to cooperate with Sisu Africa, based on having a good heart. But what is a good heart? How to define a good heart?

During our Sisu Africa journey, in which we are just about getting out of the departure harbor, we have discovered that our concept attracts most of the people. Whether a potential employee, investor, supplier, partner, or governmental clerk – the concept seems to fit. That was our initial purpose, still is, and will be – we want everyone participating in the movement to feel and experience that they can contribute to Do Good.

Having discontinued operations with one supplier due to poor quality and performance, and with some local employees due to opportunistic behavior, we have come to the conclusion that some people want, sadly but not surprisingly, to cherry pick elements from the Sisu Africa concept that are benefiting them personally – this is not the Good Heart Sisu Africa is referring to.

We believe a good heart can be defined, or more precisely, explained by the goal we want to achieve: Sisu Africa wants to show the world that it is possible to make profitable business in, from, and to Africa sustainably.

Allowing poor performance kills the business. Allowing shortcuts kills sustainability and long-term profits. A good heart is not equal to being soft, taking the easy way out, allowing poor performance, or bribing. Thus the need to define what Sisu Africa means with a Good Heart.

Give a man a fish and he survives for a couple of days, teach the man fishing and he’ll feed his family the rest of his life – teach the man to teach others and they will feed the whole community for all times.

Sisu Africa believes that a good heart is represented by those – independent of color, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or political view – who really are willing to give a bit of themselves to help others to get better. To get others to achieve. To get others to experience.

Do Good To Do Good.


31.07.2014, Joakim Berndtsson


More about the Sisu Africa concept is found here (по-русски).