Values: The Basis for Sustainable Action

Every organization has a set of subjective values that define its course of action, or at least every organization should. Values specify the relationship between the organization and its goals; therefore, values work as the motive power behind purposeful action and without purposeful action there is seldom progress or development.

Even though setting values works as a compass on a chosen destination, without action it is merely a set of beliefs. Additionally, acting short on your values, also regarded as the value-action gap, is not sustainable in the long-term.

The importance of values is especially critical when working in a multi-cultural environment and a relatively new business.

We in Sisu Africa believe in sustainability and long-term thinking – and we also intend to act upon values that support that belief. Following is our mission statement, which fundamentally is the constitution, solid expression of our vision and values:

“Initiate, activate, implement and develop sustainable long term business within, to and from Africa. Create new opportunities for locals to develop their working habits, their know-how and increase their wealth. Reveal to the world that there exists the possibility to do sustainable business in Africa profitably.”

Complying with the value of sustainability, in terms of environment and social responsibility, has brought Sisu Africa the opportunity to partner with a Finnish high-tech company enabling us to provide high quality solar energy products to the African market. By providing high-quality solar energy products at an affordable price, we intend to change the daily-lives of locals that have limited access to energy.

On our journey in Sisu Africa we have had the privilege of attracting people that can relate to and share our values. This has brought us this far and we believe this is merely the beginning.

Do Good to Do Good


11.11.2014, Heiman Khalil


More about the Sisu Africa concept is found here (по-русски).