Sisu Africa is a brand and business framework for business from, to, and within Africa. The business concept has its origin in combining Nordic countries’ business ethics and guidelines with business related to Africa – avoiding the bureaucracy and slowness associated with Nordic countries in general. The Sisu Africa concept can be seen as a business platform for a diversity of different businesses and companies with aim to long-term, win-win-win (”Win3”) operations that benefits the local community, the investors, and the Sisu Africa team.

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Values: The Basis for Sustainable Action

Every organization has a set of subjective values that define its course of action, or at least every organization should. Values specify the relationship between the organization and its goals; therefore, values work as the motive power behind purposeful action…

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Do Good to Do Good

One central element, if not THE element, of Sisu Africa is ‘cœur’, meaning ‘heart’ in French. Sisu Africa proclaims that stakeholders will be selected, choosen to cooperate with Sisu Africa, based on having a good heart. But what is a…

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There is a lot going on in our everyday SisuAfrica life. You can become part of it by following us through Twitter (@sisuafrica), Instagram (@sisuafrica) or Youtube (SisuAfrica). We hope to see you soon!

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Values: The Basis for Sustainable Action

Every organization has a set of subjective values that define its course of action, or at least every organization should. Values specify the relationship between the organization and its goals; therefore, values work as the motive power behind purposeful action and without purposeful action there is seldom progress or development.

Even though setting values works as a compass on a chosen destination, without action it is merely a set of beliefs. Additionally, acting short on your values, also regarded as the value-action gap, is not sustainable in the long-term.

The importance of values is especially critical when working in a multi-cultural environment and a relatively new business.

We in Sisu Africa believe in sustainability and long-term thinking – and we also intend to act upon values that support that belief. Following is our mission statement, which fundamentally is the constitution, solid expression of our vision and values:

“Initiate, activate, implement and develop sustainable long term business within, to and from Africa. Create new opportunities for locals to develop their working habits, their know-how and increase their wealth. Reveal to the world that there exists the possibility to do sustainable business in Africa profitably.”

Complying with the value of sustainability, in terms of environment and social responsibility, has brought Sisu Africa the opportunity to partner with a Finnish high-tech company enabling us to provide high quality solar energy products to the African market. By providing high-quality solar energy products at an affordable price, we intend to change the daily-lives of locals that have limited access to energy.

On our journey in Sisu Africa we have had the privilege of attracting people that can relate to and share our values. This has brought us this far and we believe this is merely the beginning.

Do Good to Do Good


11.11.2014, Heiman Khalil


More about the Sisu Africa concept is found here (по-русски).


In emerging markets with growing populations, and in areas that have been suffering from either man made or natural catastrophes, there exists a significant demand for affordable housing and other buildings that meet sufficient quality standards.

In 2015 Sisu Africa entered into partnership with a European group of companies that has developed a holistic solution for delivering rapidly large quantities of building units with competitive price and high quality – the price/quality ratio being superior to competition. The heart of the solution is a high-tech housing factory and logistics centre that will be built close to the construction sites, providing labour for the local people. The partner network is offering services from area planning and infrastructure to the actual housing construction.

The modular approach enables construction of different types of buildings – from social housing to private high-end luxury housing, commercial (e.g. shopping malls), public sector (e.g. schools, hospitals), and industrial buildings.

For more information, please contact: 
Mr. Joakim Berndtsson

Mobile phones

Sisu Africa is engaged in distribution, marketing, and sales of original mobile phones in Africa. The operations begun in Abidjan, Ivory Coast with sales of second-hand mobile phones from the Nordic countries, sourced from authorized mobile appliance service centers.

In 2015 Sisu Africa has developed a customized mobile phones for the markets of Côte d’Ivoire that has gained large interest in Abidjan.

The African mobile phone market is ruled by fake copy mobile phones. Sisu Africa provides the perfect alternative for consumers and companies that want to possess original mobile phones due to quality, functionality, safety, and honor. By providing original products to the African market, Sisu Africa is participating in the fight against piracy.

Re-usage of mobile phones supports Sisu Africa’s ambition to work for sustainability.

For more information, please contact: 
Mr. Amara Doumbouya


Sisu Africa offers consultancy and advisory services for business activities to, from, and within Africa. Due to the vast contact network and wide business knowledge, the Sisu Africa team will provide for safe, reliable and successful services according to the Sisu Africa concept principles.

Currently Sisu Africa is operational in Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast, but the team has a network covering the whole Sub-Shara Africa.

For more information about the Sisu Africa’s way of operating, please read the Sisu Africa concept description.

For more information, please contact: 
Mr. Joakim Berndtsson


In the province Kasai Oriental of Democratic Republic of Congo, Sisu Africa holds the exclusive rights to an area of 100 km2 of mostly hardwood forest. The forest does not belong to any of the protected forest areas in DRC. Through the company Sisu Africa Tshikongo Forestry S.A., Sisu Africa will conduct sustainable hardwood harvesting, production, and sales of hardwood lumber logs and sawn wood. During spring 2014 Sisu Africa has acquired harvesting permits and import/export license. During June-August 2014 Sisu Africa will finalize the sales of shares of Sisu Africa Tshikongo Forestry S.A. to investors to start the operations in September 2014. Initially the target market will be customers within DRC, rapidly to be expanded to export. The company aims to incrementally increase the added value and production capacity.

Protected species will not be harvested and the company will apply for sustainability certificates from at least one known certification organization. According to Congolese law, the company has to plant two new trees for every harvested tree – Sisu Africa will conform to the law.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Joakim Berndtsson

For further information, please contact:
 Mr. Joakim Berndtsson


Office location: Helsinki, Finland

Mr. Joakim Berndtsson,
Phone: +43 664 452 0122

Mr. Amara Doumbouya,
Phone: +358 44 200 7740

Email addresses:

Sisu Africa Côte d’Ivoire S.A.

Office location:
Abidjan Cocody Corniche
10 Route Du Lycee Technique
Cote d’Ivoire / 01 BP 1001 Abidjan 01
Company ID: CI-ABJ-2014-B-11156

Mr. Amara Doumbouya, CEO
+225 54 0070 96, +225 48 4043 27
Phone: +358 44 200 7740

Sisu Africa Investment Congo S.A.

Office location:
Boulevard du 30 Juin, Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of Congo
Company ID: CD/KIN/RCCM/13-B-0864

Mr. Kitari Mayele, 
Phone: + 243 820 859 377
Phone: +358 46 5891579

Sisu Africa provides investment opportunities for investors that share the core values of the Sisu Africa concept. The main philosophy is that all stakeholders have to benefit from the setup; the locals, the investors, and the Sisu Africa movement. Read more about the Sisu Africa concept here [here]

The investment instruments primary used are equity, corporate bonds and loans, but Sisu Africa is open for other alternatives as well.

The African market is currently considered an emerging market, which indicates high risk – high yield. However, Africa is not one united market – but a diversified market. Thus the risk level varies greatly depending on geographic location and business area.

Sisu Africa has active, registred companies in Democratic Republic of Congo and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The Sisu Africa team has a good network in Sub-Saharan Africa and the intention is to expand the activity to other countries step-by-step.

Active cases:

*Sisu Africa is involved in sales, marketing and implementation of affordable social housing based on high-tech housing element production factory and logistics center with superior capacity, construction speed, and price level to quality ratio. The potential market is the whole African continent.

*Sisu Africa Tshikongo Forestry S.A. is a company that harvests, distributes and sells sustainably harvested hardwood from Kasai in Democratic Republic of Congo. The company holds exclusive rights for the forest of an approximately 100 km2 area for 25 + 25 years. Currently in fund raising phase.

*Sisu Africa Côte d’Ivoire S.A. (“SACI”) initiated sales of used original mobile phones in Côte d’Ivoire in 2014. In 2015 SACI designed and released a range of customized mobile phones based on Android for the markets of Côte d’Ivoire.

In addition Sisu Africa is currently evaluating business opportunities related to solar energy, media&entertainment and agriculture.

Sisu Africa is presented new investment opportunities on continuous basis, so do not hesitate the contact us for other business areas as well.

For further information, please contact:
 Mr. Joakim Berndtsson

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